Who We Are

Blumline is an insights-based innovation studio that partners with mission-driven change makers. Through human science, we design smarter, kinder, wiser futures—for net positive impact. We work in health and wellness, mobility, learning and collaboration.

Our work uncovers what really matters to create foundational and transformative design strategy for experiences, products, services and organizations. 

What We Share

Now in our fifth year, we could not be more fortunate to partner and collaborate with visionary organizations, revolutionizing the world as we know it in deeply meaningful domains. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity and position of influence, and recognize the gravitas and responsibility that comes with this role.

Our mission this year is to share our learnings, insights, and strategies with our community, such that you, too, may be inspired and continue to forge new paths, bringing your visions to life with vigor, confidence, and discernment. 

We hope to continue building a community of practice and kinship—essential for each of us to thrive, providing a space to explore, experiment, and express ourselves and our ideas in the world.

How We Share

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Through human science, we design smarter, kinder, wiser futures – for net positive impact.


Principal Director of Blumline. Ethnographer, strategist, liminal thinker, radical listener. Designer of smarter, kinder, wiser futures.